American Legion, President Donald Trump, USS Liberty Survivors

President Trump, Let Me Tell You About the Attack on the USS Liberty

USS Liberty Survivor Bryce Lockwood Meets With President Donald Trump

Fresh off his trip to Reno, Nevada where he was instrumental in accomplishing the previously unheard of task of persuading The American Legion to pass Resolution 40 calling on Congress to conduct an investigation of the attack on our ship, USS Liberty Survivor, Bryce Lockwood had a one-on-one meeting with President Donald Trump.

Not one to rest on his laurels and recognizing that while this opportunity has never presented itself before, Bryce quickly briefed the President about the attack and the fact that it has never been investigated by the US government after which he slipped a USS Liberty Challenge Coin into Mr. Trump’s hand.

Bryce then spent time briefing the personnel accompanying Mr. Trump about the USS Liberty and of our effort to ensure the US government finally conducts an investigation of the attack.  Everyone he spoke with was very interested in what Bryce had to say.  Probably because many were either active duty military, veterans or – like USS Liberty Survivor Lloyd Painter – members or veterans of the Secret Service.

Arriving at the 50th anniversary of the attack coupled with the passage of Resolution 40 by The American Legion has wakened a sleeping giant.  Americans are becoming aware of what happened to us during the attack and how we have been treated by Congress and by Americans who are more concerned about the well-being of the forces who attacked us than they are about their own countrymen.

We cannot rest on our laurels.  Some members of The American Legion voted against Resolution 40.  They claim to be patriotic American citizens but clearly their patriotism is conditional.

Conditionally Patriotic Americans (CPA’s).

Many of the CPA’s are in positions of authority.

Authority they have not earned and certainly do not deserve.


22 thoughts on “President Trump, Let Me Tell You About the Attack on the USS Liberty

  1. This is great news for the veterans of the June 8, 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, their shipmates who were murdered that day, and all of their loved ones who have cried out for a Congressional investigation and justice served for the past 50 years! How to be there on the spot, Ol’ Sarge (Bryce Lockwood, USMC), and for making the most of such a unique opportunity to get face to face with the President of the United States and tell him about the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty and look him in the eyes while presenting him with the USS Liberty Challenge Coin! America first? Let’s see.

  2. One has to wonder how Trump will react considering that he is constantly surrounded by influential Jews who would fight this. Israel’s real motives back then would be revealed. Most evidence gleaned from this act or war shows that it was deliberate & no mistake in IDing our ship. This is the reason for the coverup that followed.

  3. It is obvious that this post’s censors do not care about resolution of this matter. My earlier post was deleted because they fear the same people that attacked their ship 50 years ago. Any meaningful criticism or truth has no place here.

  4. Unfortunately, any real investigation into this war crime by our ENEMY will be deemed anti-Semitic! The TRUTH is anti-Semitic!

    1. I cannot tolerate Truth-it is blatantly and continuously anti-Semitic!! We don’t need a Labor Day,we need a solemn holiday when we burn effigy of stinking Truth and do a little jig around the Temple of Southern Poverty Law Center.

  5. (I wonder why there’s no comments area for the post immediately above this re Bryce Lockwood? I wanted to commend his action and ask exactly when and where the one-on-one face-to-face w/Trump took place. It’s tremendously intriguing and hope-inducing!)

    Re this Press Release, I immediately forwarded it to Tulsi Gabbard, my House rep. No response…if I could get my 74-year-old carcass off the couch I’d follow up and up and up until she’d be forced to respond and take action.

    1. No Congressional member will correspond. They are all traitors and in debt to their Israeli sponsors. They should be censured by the American people!

  6. See satanic Jews learn to NOT save Non-Jews from death, and how to boldface lie about it

  7. The USS liberty is a physical manifestation of the spiritual war we are fighting against old covenant Israel 1948, and new covenant Israel A.D. 70, the church.

  8. This is a fantastic article, Thank You Joe Meadors! I am so glad to hear that Bryce Lockwood had a chance to meet with Trump, and they had a chance to speak about this, it’s truly groundbreaking. I pray Trump will not only ponder that coin, but do some investigating of his own and realize who his true enemies are, if he doesn’t know already. Bravo Bryce Lockwood, Thank you for addressing the president on this very important and very overlooked issue! May the truth come to light and may justice prevail for the parties involved that were betrayed.

  9. we can only hope they actually investigate. politicians are always interested in what you have to say, but once you leave…it’s back to the status quo.

    1. To have a draft bill, you would have to have a Congressional member with a love for his nation and the will to do the right thing in this matter. The current composition of Congress eliminates that possibility!

  10. When I was about 20, “empty as a pocket”, and visiting Times Square, a very pretty prostitute told me: “Honey, money talks and bull shit walks.” How much money have YOU donated to your US Congressperson? How much has AIPAC donated to your Congressperson? “It’s money that matters, in the USA”. – Randy Newman

  11. Well done, Bryce! Keep the faith, as truth will prevail and the Liberty heroes will get their day.

  12. The term ‘anti-semitic’ describing prejudice against Jews is ridiculous simply because most Jews are not Semites – they’re Ashkenazim. A Semite is merely a person whose primary native language is a Semitic one. By far the largest group of genuine Semites are Arabs whose language, Arabic (& its sub-languages), qualifies as a semitic language. Anyone who’s ever been to Israel will hear mostly Ashkenazim Israelis openly flaunting THEIR ‘antisemitism’ by openly displaying their bigotry against “Arabs” – making Israelis the most ‘antisemitic’ people (in the true sense of the term) on Earth. Most of the Jews, especially those Eastern European Jews who have emigrated to Palestine, have Yiddish as their native language, along with Polish, Moldovan, Russian, etc. which means they are Ashkenazim people – NOT Semites. The term ‘antisemitism’ was created in the early 20th Century in order to link these people, falsely, with the small number of Jews in Palestine whose native language is Hebrew, in order to facilitate the theft of land & water from ALL of the native Palestinians, of several different religions & ethnicities, who have lived on the Northern Arab Peninsula, for centuries. The term antisemitism aids them in perpetuating this scam. It’s a hype and a grift. Don’t participate in it.

    1. Baadmoon, I actually just learned this very information you provide in your comment here. I wish this knowledge could become commonplace in this country, in the world, for that matter. My search for truth began not that long ago but ultimately lead me to the bible, where I continue to be amazed at what I’ve learned. What really lead me to the bible was that the more truth i learned, the more depressed i became and felt the need to dust off my recovering-catholic self and get reacquainted with God & Jesus. I never got to learn the bible as an active catholic, go figure.

  13. probably redundant….but BBC documentary on Liberty attack Dead in the Water still available on Youtube

  14. There are so many traitors in the US. Many of whom think that Israel has a right to do whatever it wishes including killing Americans with impunity. Why, I will never understand? Israel is no friend of America’s. It is a taker not a giver and has taken and taken for 60 years from America’s bounty, but given back, what? How about violence and blood throughout the Middle East ,and expected the US to pick up the pieces and clean up the mess. I, for one am sick to death of their actions and more sick to death of American collusion with them.

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