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“Wild Bill for America” Demands of Others What He Doesn’t Demand of Himself, Part One

Wild Bill for America

William Finlay, operating under the grossly exaggerated nom-de-guerre of “Wild Bill for America” is a right wing fringe commentator on the American situation who shares his musings with his followers on his YouTube channel. He also has a website at but McAfee recommends you not visit, deeming it “risky to visit.”

Last June he was deported from Canada for attempting to smuggle in what Canadian authorities have deemed to be “hate speech.”

Mr. Finlay has on occasion discussed the attack on our ship during his program.  Those segments as well as all of his other screeds can be viewed on his aforementioned Youtube channel.

Mr. Finlay insists that he has no place for liars and propagandists as shown in this video:

We agree that all should apply Mr. Finlay’s standard when discussing the attack on our ship.  Where we part company is in our insistence that the standard should apply to all while Mr. Finley insists he be exempted even from such a low standard.

This series of blogs postings will address where Mr. Finlay has lied about the attack on our ship and has become the very propagandist he claims others to be.

Bill’s Lie Number One:

The germ of this claim lies in a book about the attack written by Jay Cristol,  Cristol claims the book was written after interviewing everyone involved in the attack.

In fact, while he made multiple trips to Israel to interview Israelis involved in the attack he refused to interview any American survivors all the while claiming in his advertising that he did.

So, what do people do who are taken to task to prove the existence of multiple investigations of the attack all of which conclude that the attack was a mistake and base that claim on the writings of Jay Cristol?

Why, they go right back to Cristol, of course.  And hope we won’t notice.

Who should they turn to for confirmation?  Why not the very people they claim to have conducted such investigations?  The US Congress and, through them, to the Congressional Research Service.

Ask your Congressman to contact the Congressional Research Service and ask the question, “Has the US government conducted an investigation of the attack on the USS Liberty?”

But they won’t.

Many years ago I was introduced to a researcher in the CRS through a mutual friend.   Clyde Mark was at the CRS when the ship was attacked and was the researcher to whom questions about the attack were be directed.

He told me emphatically that the US government has never investigated the attack on the USS Liberty.

USS Liberty Revisionists like Wild Bill won’t take the time to verify the claim of multiple investigations of the attack.  They satisfy themselves by spreading the lie and propaganda.

Why do you lie, Bill?  Why do you lie?

We’ll work on another Wild Bill lie – of which there are many — in a subsequent post.

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