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Why does Wild Bill for America lie about the the attack on the USS Liberty?

Why does Wild Bill for America lie about the the attack on the USS Liberty?

by Joe Meadors

Why does anyone lie about the attack on the USS Liberty?

And what do they lie about?

We covered the lie that claims the attack on the USS Liberty was subject to many US government investigations in a previous post.

That lie, created by Jay Cristol in his screed “The Liberty Incident,” has become a mainstay of USS Liberty Historical Revisionist dogma.

Wild Bill for America is a ne’er-do-well with a YouTube Channel that has a small to modest following.  Most of his comments are him simply expressing his opinion.  He is certainly allowed to do that as long as they don’t violate YouTube’s policies.

He is welcome to his own opinions but he is NOT welcome to his own facts.  He has repeatedly lied about the USS Liberty and those lies cannot remain unaddressed.

WB4A insists that reports claiming the attacking jets radioed the correct nationality of the ship to their headquarters prior to the beginning of the attack have proven to be false.

Not according to Harretz.

‘But Sir, It’s an American Ship.’ ‘Never Mind, Hit Her!’ When Israel Attacked USS Liberty tells of an Israeli historian who says that the claim is simply not true.

In fact, he has a copy of those tapes.

An attacking pilot tells his headquarters that the ship is American.

Headquarters orders them to begin the attack regardless.

Wild Bill for America, we submit the research provided by an Israeli historian for your consideration.

Your research is what?  Wishful Thinking?

What’s your strategy?  Make a Claim and Clam Up?  Make a Claim and run for the hills?

Why don’t you try our strategy?

It’s simple.

Tell the truth and stand by it.